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Reuben Shortnacy has had a long and distinguished career in the public sector.  Not only has he shown to be a proven leader as a former Chief of Police for the City of Corcoran for over 23 years, he has been a respected leader amongst his peers and the citizens in the City and County in which he served.  


Reuben's law enforcement experience over the past several decades has prepared him to serve the public and private sectors. He understands law enforcement and public safety needs.  He has sat on a variety of boards and commissions throughout his career and has accumulated a tremendous amount of experience that will allow him to serve a broad range of clients.  Reuben has also served as an Interim City Manager and as a result has developed a unique understanding of municipal government. He has experience working cooperatively with both state and federal elected officials. He holds an Associate Degree in the Administration of Justice, an Associate Degree in Corrections and a Bachelor Degree in Criminal Justice.


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