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Renée T. Missakian



Renée Missakian has proven to be a leader in the governmental, public affairs, and economic development arenas throughout California and the nation, for our municipal, corporate and non-profit clients.


As The CrisCom Company’s Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Renée implements policies that promote CrisCom’s vision while managing its operations to keep the business at hand on track. Her management skills are invaluable as she directs the daily operations, working closely with CrisCom department heads, as well as their clients/department heads. Renée has over 20 years experience managing and working with numerous non-profit groups, organizing fundraisers, and planning community events. Because of Renée’s 25 years of experience in the legal field, the background and proficiency she brings with her is a true asset to The CrisCom Company. She has worked with and garnered valuable relationships not only with CrisCom’s clients, but with various other corporate contacts, municipalities, business owners, etc. Renée is an integral part of managing and directing CrisCom’s Economic Development Team, Community Development Team, and Grant Writing Team.

Contact Renée via email at

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