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Strategic Planning

CrisCom \'Cris-'Com\ n.
(1997) 1: innovative, dynamic and effective strategies 2: ethical and professional 3: the utmost standard of accuracy and truth

Governmental Affairs

Our business is successful because of your business. From strategic planning to program implementation, CrisCom is part of your team

Our portfolio includes successful projects in all realms of business and government. From Fortune 500 companies to non-profits to start-ups, we are ready to help you achieve your goals

Since its inception in 1997, The CrisCom Company has proven its expertise by providing clients with highly-effective governmental and public affairs consulting services. Throughout the United States, CrisCom helps our clients build strong foundations with government officials, the business community and the media.

Our mission is to provide our clients with highly ethical, innovative and dynamic strategies, which are effective in achieving their goals. The CrisCom Company adheres to the highest standards of accuracy and truth to those we represent and to the public.

Public Relations


Grant writing

Our team of experts assist counties, cities and non-profit organizations in identifying and pursuing grants that are right for their organization. We work hand in hand with federal agencies and our clients to develop the most competitive grants possible. The team is proud of our successes and we look forward to assisting you with your grant writing needs!

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Our team can be defined by a few simple words; innovative, dynamic, ethical and professional. These qualities set CrisCom apart from its competition

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