your grant writing experts

We take great pride in providing our client’s with unparalleled grant writing and state and federal advocacy services. The key to our success is our ability to engage elected officials, key stakeholders and administering agencies to develop advantageous relationships for the City. Not only does our team work in conjunction with City staff to identify and pursue viable grant opportunities, but we also work hand-in-hand with City staff to develop a strategic approach to provide for the City's needs through comprehensive advocacy and outreach efforts.

Our in-depth approach and comprehensive strategic planning provides clients with the proper footing to be successful in the pursuit of grants and advocacy services. The cornerstone to this approach is incorporating the direction of the City Council, City Manager and department heads. The City will have direct access to CrisCom’s leadership whenever it is needed.

Our multidisciplinary team will meet with the City Manager, City Council and City department leaders to compile a list of projects. We will then work with the City to prioritize the list based on a needs assessment, which will include a comprehensive review of available funding sources for the identified project. This collaborative approach is imperative to creating successful submissions. We will also continuously monitor both public sector and private foundation grants, detailing the specific needs of the City which will provide for a tailored and targeted approach.